It is extremely important to educate yourself about microblading and cosmetic tattooing before you book an appointment.

Please keep in mind that Shana can be booked up to 3 months in advance. However, we do receive cancellations and it is recommended to check the online booking schedule to see if you can come in earlier.

At Skyn Studio, we will always make sure that you are an ideal candidate to receive a cosmetic tattoo. Our clients become our walking billboards! We want you to have the best possible results and we will recommend the best technique suitable for you.

Please research your artist! Because of the recent explosion in this industry, there are unfortunately many artists who are all too quick to tattoo anyone or anything that walks in their doors. Microblading and PMU is not recommended for everyone. If you are in need of corrective work, it is essential you seek an artist specifically trained in corrections as this is an advanced technique!

Every procedure includes a thorough consultation. This begins with you electronically filling out medical intake forms to ensure you are a good candidate for your tattoo. We will discuss any concerns or questions prior to beginning your procedure. If for any reason, we do not feel you are an ideal candidate, we will either do a patch test or explain why we believe cosmetic tattooing is not the right fit for you.

During your first visit, expect your appointment to last anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the procedure chosen. Remember, it is perfectly normal to be a bit nervous but we will talk you through the entire process. You also have to give the green light at many check points throughout the procedure before we can more onto the next step! You can expect your artist to take before and after pictures, go over ideal pigment colors with you, “map” your tattoo to ensure we achieve symmetry and the perfect shape for your face, explain the tattooing process and thoroughly go over aftercare with you.

We hope this information helps you make the decision to schedule your appointment. If for any reason, you still need more information, we offer complimentary consultations which can also be scheduled online.

Hope to see you soon! - The Staff at SKYN STUDIO