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BROW SHAPING $25 - cleans up the brows to achieve a more desirable shape

BROW TINTING $25 - the brows are tinted to a darker color to make the hair more visible

HD BROWS $75 - Includes waxing, threading, tinting, tweezing & brow cosmetics




LASH TINT $35 - the lashes are tinted to a darker color to make them more visible

LASH LIFT $65 - curls the lashes so they are more visible and have a naturally more voluminous look

LASH LIFT + TINT $80 - combines both techniques to darken and curl the lashes, resulting in a naturally beautiful lash look

ORGANIC LASH BOTOX $25 - Organic Lash Botox is the most advanced lash repair and nourishing formula worldwide. The treatment repairs the damaged or broken eyelash fibers with a powerful concentrate of active ingredients which guarantee to moisturize, replenish, repair and revive lashes right from the very first use, adding incredible shine, softness and eliminating dryness.